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Annual Fundraising Campaign
The Foundation Endowment Fund provides predictable funding in perpetuity to the AMA Foundation. The Endowment Fund is structured so that the principal amount invested remains intact, while the investment earnings are available for operational and program use. The Endowment Fund allows the AMA Foundation to draw investment earnings for permanent operational support and expenses so that annual donations go directly to support charitable programs. Your gift to the endowment is one that will keep giving year after year—a continuation of your legacy for generations to come.

What is the Torchbearer program?
The AMA Foundation Torchbearer program is a recurring donation program where donors can automatically contribute a specified amount to the AMA Foundation’s endowment. Your recurring gift can be monthly, starting at $5 per month, or another amount of your choice.

How is your donation used in the endowment?
The AMA Foundation's endowment fund is structured so your donation will have a direct and maximum impact on our hobby for years to come. The endowment is a financial asset that operates as an investment fund, growing your collective donations and creating investment returns in perpetuity. As the endowment grows, your gifts can fund the programs, projects, and operations of the hobby and community that you are passionate about.

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